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Agricultural traditions and wisdom find just the right balance in combination with modern wine-making techniques to obtain a unique product with a strong personality. The passion of Generoso De Lisio and his loving management of the vineyard for over fifty years are the added value of this family company, which has renewed itself through the managerial work of his children, and of his grandson and current owner Emanuele Coscia, who trained at Francesco De Sanctis of Avellino’s Royal School of Viticulture and Oenology, and is assisted by a passionate expert winemaker in brings today’s labels to life.

Modernity, technology and peasant wisdom, to offer fruits of a unique terroir.

Wine Cantine Delite winnwers at Radici del Sud 2019

Nonna Seppa Campi Taurasini Doc 2013

First place overall by the Wine Buyers jury and second position ex aequo as arranged by the judges of the Wine Writers in the “Aglianico” category.

Pentamerone Taurasi Docg 2012

First place overall in his category, as ordered by the Wine Buyers jury, and second place won by the Wine Writers judges. Obviously Aglianico in purity, worked for a few years in steel, wood and bowl. Alcohol content of fifteen degrees.


Emmente – Irpinia Rosato Doc Biologico

Produced in Montemarano, in the youngest plot of the Chianzano district, Emmente our Organic Irpinia Rosato Doc is 100% Aglianico harvested by hand in boxes. Vinified in white from Aglianico grapes, cold maceration for 3 hours and fermentation in steel at a controlled temperature for a very long time. Aging in steel then at least three months in the bottle. Bright claret pink, tending to ruby. It is characterized by an intense aroma of red apple, strawberries, berries. The taste is concentrated, fresh with a pleasantly long and spicy finish. Ideal in combination with aperitifs, sushi, tomato-based summer dishes and fish tartare.



Pentamerone – Taurasi DOCG

On hills sloping down to the Calore river in the Chianzano District of Montemarano, in the Irpinia hinterland, kissed by the sun from sunrise to sunset, the family vineyard bestows this wine with unique qualities. With 100% Aglianico grape, making it a Taurasi, the wine takes on a particularly dark colour in the glass, and just as enigmatic aromas, offering a delicious bouquet of coffee, rhubarb, ink, rust, and hints of aromatic herbs, and an overall linear, pleasant, fresh, structured and soft tannin taste. A wine that offers unique emotions with an evolved, mature elegance, full of complex tertiary and ethereal scents, Pentamerone is a particular measured interpretation of Taurasi. Its name is inspired by the eponymous literary work by the former governor of Montemarano, from 1626, Gianbattista Basile, which was labelled by philosopher Benedetto Croce as the oldest and richest collection of popular fairytales, and is known in English as ‘The Tale of Tales’.


Nonna Seppa – Campi Taurasini DOC

This wine is dedicated to ‘Nonna Seppa’, great grandma Giuseppa of the De Lisio family, which, for over three family generations, has kept a vineyard on the hills of Montemarano, on land distinguished by its superlative soil qualities among the territories of the Campi Taurasini Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) grape. Here, on the family vineyards, with great expertise and dedication, Nonna Seppa’s great-great-grandchild, Emanuele Coscia, cultivates a selection of the finest Aglianico grapes, producing a wine through a combination of traditional and modern techniques that brings out the all the uniqueness of this special wine territory.



Generoso – Irpinia Aglianico DOC

Aglianico DOC ‘Generoso’ is named after the founder of today’s company. Outside the narrow circle of family and acquaintances, the name, as an adjective, also reflects the characteristics and peculiarities of the product and the Aglianico grape, unsparingly charitable, altruistic, magnanimous, conspicuous and relevant. This wine represents one of the milestones of the Delite winery, with its intense ruby ​​red colour that draws out all the aromas provided by nature from a particularly fertile and generous territory.


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