Pentamerone – Taurasi DOCG


On hills sloping down to the Calore river in the Chianzano District of Montemarano, in the Irpinia hinterland, kissed by the sun from sunrise to sunset, the family vineyard bestows this wine with unique qualities. With 100% Aglianico grape, making it a Taurasi, the wine takes on a particularly dark colour in the glass, and just as enigmatic aromas, offering a delicious bouquet of coffee, rhubarb, ink, rust, and hints of aromatic herbs, and an overall linear, pleasant, fresh, structured and soft tannin taste. A wine that offers unique emotions with an evolved, mature elegance, full of complex tertiary and ethereal scents, Pentamerone is a particular measured interpretation of Taurasi. Its name is inspired by the eponymous literary work by the former governor of Montemarano, from 1626, Gianbattista Basile, which was labelled by philosopher Benedetto Croce as the oldest and richest collection of popular fairytales, and is known in English as ‘The Tale of Tales’.

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